Antikondenz felt

Antikondez felt – Felt is a pressure-sensitive adhesive material made of a large number of fibers are intertwined with each other. When creating trapezoidal sheet TR40 STRONG+, TR18+, TR12 NORMAL, parapet and tile panels, there is a possibility of bonding the felt sheet, which regulates the humidity in the room that can occur due to condensation on the cold plate. It is easy to apply, absorbs sound, and is a good heat insulator.

In the case when the temperature outside is lower than the temperature indoors, then the sheet metal tiles or trapezoidal profiled sheets are lower in temperature than the room temperature.

When hot air touches the air from the space with the sheet metal, the air cools down, which causes condensation to occur. If the amount of condensation is large, droplets fall from the sheet metal.

The damage caused by dripping is multiple:

1. Reduced insulation: sound and antikondenz

2. Damage in the form of rust, corrosion or rot can occur on the sheets themselves

3. Damage to stored products may occur

4. The working conditions in the room are difficult

The solution is to antikondenz felt!

Antikondez filc

During the profiling of sheets, self-adhesive antikondenz felt is applied to prevent dripping and condensation. Depending on the slope of the roof structure and the weight of the felt itself, up to 900 grams of water per 1 square meter can be absorbed. By raising the outside temperature, the reverse condensation process occurs. In order for the antikondenz felt to have a proper function, it is necessary to provide natural ventilation of the roof in order for the felt to dry during the day. If there is no natural ventilation, moisture remains in the felt and drops will appear. Profiled sheets with antikondenz felt are ideal for covering objects located in areas where temperature changes are large. .