Through many years of work, the company Limplex has grown into a modern company with production facilities in Belgrade and Kragujevac.

The strength of the Limplex company is its employees. Thanks to their expertise, enthusiasm, dedication and loyalty to Limplex
is becoming more successful every year.

Our employees are strategically oriented towards recognizing the needs of clients and strive to optimally meet the requirements.

The future of the Limplex company is based on the expertise, knowledge and dedication of its staff. That is why we are confident in our success!

Every beginning is difficult, accordingly we managed to fight the market and build a well-deserved place in modern construction. Hardlim is an integral part of the BLH group. Thanks to the constant rise of the company, the development of production capacities, the adoption of new technologies and new products, Hardlim ranks among the most productive construction companies in Serbia. Hardlim owns the most modern cnc machines in the field of construction sheet metal and ferrous metallurgy. Successful companies are built on successful products.

Professional and trained staff is trained to perform the most demanding jobs in the field of construction sheet metal and metallurgy. Hardlima’s production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machines for quality work, in order to offer optimal solutions to its customers in the fields of construction. The primary activity of the company is the production of roof and facade sheets, cutting, bending and drilling on the most modern CNC machines.