Prefabricated garages

Quick and easy installation, precise workmanship

Prefabricated garages adapted to the needs and requirements of customers. Assembly and disassembly garages made of galvanized and plasticized sheet metal. In the color desired by the customer. All sizes. For all purposes. Construction of profile pipes, trapezoidal sheet metal lining. BLH GROUP – Production and assembly of metal and steel structures – Prefabricated garages. Prefabricated garages made of square profiles, lined with ribbed galvanized-plasticized sheet metal in color. Garage construction profiles are protected with an anti-corrosion coating. Mounting the garage on all types of substrates. The sides of the garage are connected with screws. The garage is of the assembly-disassembly type and if the need arises, the garage can be dismantled and moved to another location. Prefabricated garages suitable for the needs of garaging cars, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, scooters and for other purposes. Protect your car from the weather. The prefabricated garage can be used not only for car garage but also as an additional storage space or as a workshop.

Prefabricated garages made of plasticized sheet metal

Professionalism, quality, reasonable prices

Prefabricated garages BLH GROUP Prefabricated garages according to your wishes and design. BLH GROUP offers prefabricated garages made of galvanized – plasticized sheet metal with condensate and heat insulation. A layer of anti-condensation felt placed under the roof will prevent condensation of steam and the garage will always be dry. A single-sided or double-sided roof covered with a tile-shaped roofing sheet will also satisfy the aesthetic side. The size and appearance of the prefabricated garage can be adjusted to the needs of customers. Steel constructions have been widely used for many years in the construction of garages, halls, warehouses, hangars and buildings for various purposes. They are the primary choice for all types of industrial facilities, large shopping malls, exhibition and business premises. Due to the fast installation and lower construction costs, they are imposed as the primary choice for construction. BLH GROUP has been successfully assembling roof and facade sheets and construction accessories for many years. The experience of our employees is a guarantee of the quality of our products and services.