BLH GROUP combines technology, engineering and tradition in the fields of construction sheet metal and ferrous metallurgy. Thanks to the constant rise of the company, the development of production capacities, the adoption of new technologies and new products, BLH Group ranks among the most productive construction groups in Serbia. What has adorned us for years is the reliability, quality and trust of our clients. By applying modern technology in production, BLH Group has developed a wide range of products and numerous possibilities in designing architectural solutions.

The main activity of BLH Group is the production and placement of rolled sheets with reinforced load-bearing capacity, tile slabs, gutters and accompanying accessories. Detailed information about the products and services of our company can be found on this site.

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BLH GROUP Corporation insists on reliable partnerships. Confirmation of good cooperation are the built facilities and the satisfaction of our business partners. The products of BLH GROUP meet all standards, and the professional and trained staff is trained to perform the most demanding jobs in the field of construction sheet metal and ferrous metallurgy. BLH GROUP’s production facilities are equipped with the most modern machines for quality work, in order to offer optimal solutions to its customers.
I believe that the BLH group is creating a tradition for the future.

Managing Director
Branko Drmanićjovan-drmanic-potpis

We insist on high quality and high productivity of products in the field of construction sheet metal and ferrous metallurgy.
Since its establishment, the BLH Group has had a goal that encourages the creation of new construction partnerships.
All deliveries are covered by certificates of origin and quality of materials as well as the appropriate technical recommendation.
What has adorned us for years is the reliability, quality and trust of our clients.
Our product quality is a safe bet.

Sales director
Jovan Drmanićjovan-drmanic-potpis

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Frequently asked questions and answers

The BLH GROUP company gives a guarantee of 2 to 30 years for its products.

Deliveries are possible to the customer’s desired address.

Payment can be in advance or by credit.

All sheets have a certificate of physical and chemical properties, and profiled sheets have a certificate from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade.

Condensation can occur on the underside of the tin roof. Therefore, anti-condensation felt is recommended when profiling sheet metal.

The tin roof heats up faster than a classic tile. The advantage is that it cools faster and the classic tile retains heat longer.

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